The Last Goodbye

I am leaving home and leaving hearts off I go to other parts.
My heart will cry and mourn not for separation was it born.
I go to start a life anew there I will remember you.
A farewell is death to me of smiles I no longer see.
But in this act of leaving you, is revealed a mystery true.
Love is not just for years, so set aside the earthly tears.
Of all the proofs of God I know, love is that to which I go.
The heart knows forever only what once is joined will not turn lonely.
Love is for eternity no simpler truth can ever be.
Heaven is the hearts home nowhere else it longs to roam.
Every time I say goodbye my heart yells, “I die, I die.”
Every time I go away my heart cries, “why can’t we stay?”
In our faith’s great mystery love endures eternally.

“What size is love,” someone may ask how involved this grave task is.
Love fills the universe with bold acts and gorgeous verse.
Love, once one has found it leaves no room around it.
If I find I have love true it cannot be stopped at two.
Love must fill and must extend every heart it sees as friend.
I lay down my life it cries, for eternal love, love dies.
This-the example of the Lord, who for love His blood was poured.
Did in death, cause death to die, showed that loneliness does lie.
Through His love to die for me he opened up eternity.
My heart no longer needs to mourn for now – eternal love -reborn.
So I proclaim a last goodbye, through the cross “goodbye” did die.

Love’s desire for eternity and infinity, are evidence of God. The Christian mystery and paradox can be revealed in that Jesus died for eternal love.

Thank you to all of you for your support. You have been a great help to me, and have confirmed and encouraged me in my ministry and vocation. Please pray for me that I may always serve God faithfully.

Fr. Alexander Harb


Pastor Monsignor Peter Karam
Associate Father Roby Zibara
Deacon Reverend George Khoury
Sub-deacons Mr. Bechara Daher
Mr. Georges Faddoul
Mr. Lattouf Lattouf
Mr. Ghazi Faddoul

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